Customizing the right look for your car can be challenging. Whether your car, truck or motorcycle is new or new to you, make a statement! Even new, high-end wheels may seem ordinary; make them extraordinary. Powder coating is a specialized finishing process, perfect for aluminum or alloy metal wheels with hundreds of different colors. Powder coating protects metal from rust, is resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading, and gives metal a beautiful new custom look.

  • Opt for a color that accents your vehicle, contrasting colors standout, complementary colors look streamline.
  • Darker Colors and metallic colors are great for hiding any imperfections.
  • Avoid “glossy black”, instead go for a black matte or semi-gloss/satin finish, which gives you the best of both worlds; just the right amount of reflection to show off your wheel.
  • Matte finish/flat finish is very popular if you want to create a tough, aggressive, and industrial looking finish.

King Coatings can create the perfect individualized look for you, without breaking the bank!

Call today 610-435-1212, we guarantee a durable and corrosion-resistant powder coat that will last through tough weather for years to come!