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Unlimited Possibilities

Full service metal fabrication consists of taking the raw materials, steel rods and bars, and shaping them into prototypes. As a result, we can customize products to your specifications.

Specialty metal fabrication is primarily cutting, welding and finishing metals. We work with metals such as regular steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Often we build prototypes and other various frames dealing mainly with welding and constructing. We do have a 3-axis CNC that we can drill and mill parts as well. This allows us to have full-service fabrication at our location in Allentown PA.

Our team can cut, weld, and machine to form any shape or design. We often do fabrication as a part of our powder coating process. Likewise, we also entertain constructs that may or may not be powder coated. Often recommended, the powder coating gives a clean, protective edge to a product.