Proper Steps to Guarantee a Great
 Powder Coating Finish

purple powder coating
Powder coating provides a high quality, durable, corrosion-resistant layer used to protect metals, thereby increasing the life of items power coated
  1. Disassemble anything that contains more than one part. If you plan on coating a part that has rubber, plastic, gaskets, or wiring, attached remove them as they will melt in the baking process.
  2. Remove all dirt, oil, grease, and grime using a degreaser, just make sure the product you use is safe on the type of metal the part is made from, like Super Clean for steel and Simple Green Extreme for aluminum. Scrub with nylon brushes.
  3. Strip all paint from the area by using either a paint stripper or remover.
  4. Sand/Media Blasting will provide a good surface to allow the powder to adhere well. Sandblast every area of the part thoroughly with clean media, except for areas such as brake caliper piston bores or cylinder bores, which should instead be masked off.
  5. Clean the surface well with either an acetone or a phosphate cleaner.
  6. Hang your part(s) up on hooks.
  7. Apply the base coat primer using a zinc rich primer for steel or a dry protector primer for aluminum.
  8. Then choose your Top Coats.
Don’t rush through this preparation process as it is imperative to do the prep work well to ensure a good finish.

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